Olly Newland & Carl Burling

Newland Burling & Co (NBCO) was founded by property guru Olly Newland and successful property investor Carl Burling in 2009.

Olly stepped down as a director and retired from NBCO on 7 September 2020 at the ripe old age of 80. After 50+ years in the property game, he had certainly earned his rest!

Together, Carl and Olly grew the business to become a leading commercial property advisory firm. The objective was to help experienced investors improve portfolio performance, and commercial investment beginners get started.

The company is also one of the few firms to specialise in managing commercial properties for owners, from large multi-million dollar commercial property portfolios right through to small, single buildings.

The commercial property management service includes negotiation and management of leases, tenant liaison and communication, tenant retention strategies, property maintenance, financial management and reporting.

Carl Burling, Jack Revill and Brandon Wilcox all benefitted from Olly’s mentorship and learned more than any university degree could teach about life in the property trenches.

Olly shared the hard-won insights he gained over his 50+ year property investing career through seminars, columns and his books. He foretold market changes, alerted investors to arising opportunities, and warned them of scams, traps and pitfalls.

In The Coming Property Boom (1978), The Property Boom (1981), and Lost Property (1994) he foresaw many of the coming market events.

His The Rascal’s Guide to Real Estate (2002) was a real-world handbook for property investors. In his book, The Day the Bubble Bursts (2004), Olly alerted investors about a market transition and how to make the most of opportunities.

Climbing the Property Ladder (2005) recounts some of Olly’s hilarious and insightful adventures as an investor.

Through the TV show Property Climbers (2007) Olly reached a national audience, sharing his insights and advice.

In the early days Carl Burling was the implementation genius without whom NBCO would not be what it is today.

Carl specialises in value-add opportunities and has managed hundreds of projects. In fact, he estimates he has personally bought and sold around 50 villas in the greater Grey Lynn area.

After cutting his teeth on residential property investing, Carl moved on to commercial property investing and amassed a wealth of practical experience.

Applying this experience and his depth of commercial property knowledge, Carl co-founded Provincia Property Fund in 2016 with Jack Revill.

Provincia is a private commercial property investment fund giving investors an alternative to direct ownership of industrial property whilst maintaining almost all of the benefits of direct ownership. It has paid a 6% p.a. quarterly dividend ever since inception.

Jack Revill joined NBCO in 2011 as an intern while completing his Bachelor of Property at University of Auckland.

As a highly-motivated young gun, it wasn’t long before he was in charge of the property management team and a shareholder in the company.

Brandon Wilcox first started working with NBCO in 2015 before coming on board full-time in 2019. He shared an office with Olly for over a year, with Olly jokingly dubbing it the “department of propaganda”.

All three members of the leadership team are successful commercial property investors in their own right, and continue to work with commercial property owners to manage and improve their investments.