Through his 50+ years of property investing experience, Olly Newland has a unique insight into the New Zealand property market. He is now considered one of the country’s pre-eminent property investors and advisors. Olly is a lateral thinker who takes an innovative approach to solving seemingly intractable problems and challenges.

Olly has been sharing those hard-won insights, advice and warnings for over 35 years now. Through seminars, columns, and plain-talking, easy-to-follow, best-selling books, Olly has accurately foretold market changes. He’s alerted investors to arising opportunities, and warned them of scams, traps and pitfalls.

Never far from controversy, Olly has earned the acclaim, gratitude and respect of generations of kiwi investors.

Olly Newland was born in Lower Hutt, grew up in Plimmerton, then Karori, Wellington and, as a teenager, in Auckland, New Zealand. He is the best-selling author of 6 property investment books.

In The Coming Property Boom (1978), The Property Boom (1981), and Lost Property (1994, updated 2001, 2007) he correctly foresaw many of the coming market events.

His The Rascal’s Guide to Real Estate (2002) is a real-world handbook for today’s property investor and in his book, The Day the Bubble Bursts this supremely experienced investor and dealmaker alerts investors about a coming market transition and gives advice about how to make the most of opportunities coming.

Climbing the Property Ladder recounts some of Olly’s adventures as an investor. The tales are often hilarious and always insightful.

Even Olly’s earlier books are still quoted today and are keenly sought by those seeking insight and extra knowledge in a complex and fascinating field. Through his top-rating TV show Property Climbers Olly has reached hundreds of thousands of people, sharing his insights and impartial advice.

Olly has ‘been there, done that’ in almost every area of real estate investing in the country. Affectionately known by real estate agents as “Mr Wholesale”, Olly’s strength (and what he can teach you) is in always buying well. “It’s all in the buying,” he says. “Buy cheap, bargain hard and remember that rents do not rise at the same rate as values.”

Olly and his wife have three children and an increasing brood of cherished grandchildren. He enjoys classic cars and collecting antiques.