Residential Investment Property Portfolio Review & Advice

Olly Newland and Carl Burling are two of the most experienced residential property investors in New Zealand. Olly, Carl and the Newland Burling team are regularly sought out by experienced residential property investors who want to optimise the performance of their property portfolios.

In many cases investors feel their portfolios are underperforming and seek professional advice to identify the causes and develop an action plan to address them. The Residential Portfolio Review & Advice service is for property investors with a portfolio of investment properties who require professional advice to improve performance or address issues within the portfolio.

Service details…

Investment Property Portfolio Review

Analyse existing property portfolio and offer advice…

  • Obtain relevant information to develop and assess your overall financial position.
  • Assess your risk profile.
  • Explore and confirm your short-term and long-term goals.
  • Obtain relevant information on your current properties.
  • Assess current loan structures.
  • Analyse & critique your existing portfolio and financial position.
  • Prepare and discuss with you a strategy & action plan to improve the portfolio’s performance and/or achieve your goals.
  • Assist with ownership structures if required.

“Last year I decided to take stock of our property investment portfolio to rationalise time and money in our core finance business. I was a reasonably experienced property investor but I was also aware that I had made some expensive mistakes. In reflection, some of those decisions could have turned out differently if I had professional advice along the way.

Newland Burling reviewed the portfolio and the outcome has meant that I have been able to prioritise my time in our core business, release additional capital, and avoid situations that have cost time and money. Your sound advice around this has turned out to be just the professional advice I needed.

I’m very pleased to say that your guidance and liaison with agents, negotiation, and reasoning has meant using your firm was a great decision. I have no hesitation in recommending Newland Burling to my business associates.” says Ken Landeman.

“You have guided me to get the best deal and make the difficult decisions. I appreciate your sensitive and empathetic approach and the way that you could put an objective hat on and help me make rational decisions. You are professional and knowledgeable, totally trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. I recommend your services to anybody else and believe that your organisation gives more than the value for money and I wish I had used you earlier.” says Kitty Chang.

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We assist residential property investors – both beginners and long-time professionals – in buying, selling, managing and improving their residential property investment. Hundreds of residential property investors have benefitted from our knowledge and advice.