Residential Investment Property Portfolio Review & Advice

As an Authorised Financial Advisor, executive director Olly Newland is fully qualified to advise you on all aspects of investment and personal financial planning – and, importantly, how your property portfolio fits into the ‘big picture’.

Our established track record of advising and managing properties for investors, as well as personally investing in residential and commercial properties, gives us a unique understanding of what it takes to make your investments profitable.

Property Consulting

Investment Property Mentoring


Olly, Carl and the Newland Burling team have experienced numerous cycles in the property market and pass their knowledge and experience on to property investors through the Residential Property Investment Mentoring program.

The program includes investment strategies for buy & hold investors and do-up & trade investors. TheResidential Property Investment Mentoring program is for those who wish to increase their wealth and provide for their retirement by investing prudently into residential real estate.

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Investment Property Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review & Advice

Olly, Carl and the Newland Burling team are regularly sought out by experienced residential property investors who want to optimise the performance of their property portfolios.

In many cases investors feel their portfolios are underperforming and seek professional advice to identify the causes and develop an action plan to address them.

The Residential Portfolio Review & Advice service is for property investors with 6+ investment properties in their portfolio who require professional advice to improve performance or address issues within the portfolio.

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Investment Property Due Diligence

Due Diligence

For residential property investors who require one-off due diligence advice on residential property acquisitions.

Property Consulting

General Property Consulting

For property investors who require property-related advice or feasibility studies on subdivision and development options.

If you need property advice, complete the “Request for Information” form and we’ll contact you pronto!

Property Services

Property Management

We offer a full property management service and specialise in managing large residential property portfolios, as well as smaller portfolios.

Project Management

Any property project you require to be managed professionally and efficiently. From large developments to small renovations, we can help.

Property Finance

If you need finance, refinancing, bridging or development finance, Tony Milicich is the man you must contact for independent advice. Tony is a Registered Financial Advisor, member of the Professional Advisors Association and operates as an independent broker through his company Team 2 Financial Services Ltd. Click here for Tony’s Disclosure Statement.

“We would have made terrible mistakes without them, seriously. They do know what they’re talking about.” says Ivan Morris.

Residential Investors

We assist residential property investors – both beginners and long-time professionals – in buying, selling, managing and improving their residential property investment. Hundreds of residential property investors have benefitted from our knowledge and advice.