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Join our Masterclass, the original Commercial Property Courses founded by property guru Olly Newland. Equip yourself for success – learn from the best!


Our core purpose is to help property investors succeed. Since 2015 we’ve helped loads of everyday Kiwis become successful commercial property investors. Get the inside know-how and you too can learn the intricacies of investing in commercial property…

Commercial property courses

Our Commercial Property Masterclass teaches you how to employ our risk-minimisation strategies to invest confidently and build a portfolio of commercial properties that provide a passive income for retirement.

The course is for investors seeking higher returns and greater growth afforded by commercial property investment.

“Residential property has a lower yield and I thought it was time to look at commercial,” says Anna McNaughtan

Our commercial property courses are particularly suited to investors who are new to commercial property investment. You will most likely own your own home plus an investment property or shares or have some cash in the bank (earning measly interest).

Many of our students have experience with residential property investment and…

  • Have hit problems,
  • Have hit the funding wall,
  • Are disillusioned with the poor yields,
  • And bad tenants (and the difficulties of doing anything about them),
  • Are tired of the vilification of residential landlords and increasingly anti-investor sentiment,
  • Or have simply decided it’s time to play with the big boys and enjoy the higher yields and ongoing capital gains in the commercial property sector.

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Outgoing tide dragging residential property investors under

Outgoing tide dragging residential property investors under

The following list highlights some of the increasingly anti-investor regulations and other difficulties facing residential property investors…

  • Bright-line test
  • Healthy Homes Guarantee Act
  • Ring-fencing of rental property losses
  • Proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, including…
    • banning letting fees,
    • higher standards for insulation, heating and ventilation,
    • limits on rent increases,
    • an end to no-cause terminations,
    • increasing the notice period of with-reason evictions to 90 days,
    • allowing tenants to keep pets and make minor alterations to the building,
    • a ban on ‘rent bidding’, and
    • new tools for compliance and enforcement.
  • Few consequences for tenants breaching tenancy agreements and causing damage
  • The impunity with which tenants can escape unpaid rent

Incoming tide buoying up commercial property investors

Commercial property typically offers better investment returns, a better class of tenant, outgoings paid by the tenant (e.g. property management, repairs & maintenance, rates & insurance), a far less-politicised sector of the property investment market, and less volatility than shares.

Did you know that net leases (outgoings paid by the tenant), which are the norm with commercial property, add approx 2% to the yield compared to residential investment property?

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Long-term growth cycle

We believe commercial property is in a long-term growth cycle. Increased demand from investors seeking the higher yields enjoyed in commercial property investment, combined with owner-occupiers taking advantage of low interest rates to buy instead of rent, is driving prices up.

And extremely low vacancy rates in the main centres within some sectors of the commercial property market are driving rents up.

As always, though, there are areas and sectors where the exception rules so you need to be well educated.

We explain it all in our Commercial Property Masterclass. The main thing you need to understand is that commercial property values and rents are increasing, and interest rates are declining, and we don’t see those changing any time soon.

In short, we are firmly of the view that now is the time to begin your commercial property investment journey – before it becomes the next boom market.

This process isn’t happening overnight. It is playing out now and over the coming years. Yields are already declining, so those late to the party will find it more difficult to find profitable deals or achieve similar results to those starting now.

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Commercial Property Masterclass details…

Commercial Property Masterclass is an advanced commercial property course to give you a better understanding of investing in commercial property. We especially cover the nuances of commercial property ownership and leasing strategies.

After completing the course you will understand the factors that drive higher capital value, better investment returns, and risk mitigation.

We teach you how to employ our risk-minimisation strategies to invest confidently and build a passive income for retirement.

“We would have made terrible mistakes without them, seriously. They do know what they’re talking about,” says Ira Mautner

Maximum 10 people (no extra charge for partners). We’re not after bums on seats in our commercial property courses. Instead, our aim is to create a more intimate learning environment that almost has a one-to-one feeling, thereby maximising the amount of knowledge we can impart.

“What I liked most about the Masterclass was…

  1. It was comprehensive
  2. The small group we were in facilitated open discussion
  3. The group had enough experience to ask the right questions
  4. The experience of the presenters was plainly evident”

– Michael Cheyne

“The whole course was run with a good, friendly atmosphere, where it was easy to converse with all the different staff/tutors, ask questions & just generally gain insight. I liked the sizes of the group too, enough to be able to listen to other people’s questions, but not too many,” says Toby.

We run the course over 3 consecutive Mondays from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Enquire now for course dates.

Day 1: Understand the lease to make money (and avoid mistakes)

  • Understanding commercial leases and how they are used to influence the value of a commercial property, lease clauses, lease terms, rent reviews, rights of renewal, end of lease, make-goods, assignments of lease.
  • Included tools: Our due diligence clause, example lease documents.

Day 2: Learn how to add value (and which nasties to look out for)

  • Valuation, finance, mortgages, loan structures, compliance, building WOF, earthquake ratings, tax, operating expenses.
  • Included tools: Financial analysis spreadsheet templates.

Day 3: Learn how it’s done in practice (and tricks of the trade)

  • Case studies, due diligence process, tricks of the trade.
  • Included tools: Our documented due diligence & contingency planning process, due diligence checklist, and clever twist on the due diligence clause.

“I looked at a couple of other companies but they didn’t seem to be very trustworthy. You never know if they have interests in the property… the reason they recommend one or the other. So I went to Newland Burling because they seemed to be more impartial and professional,” says Ben Wilson

What you get

Included in the course fee is all the training described above, plus the valuable tools we use every day, books, videos, materials, study notes, and all the knowledge you gain from our decades of experience. All modules are available on video if you can’t make any of the class dates.

Back in 2015 the fee for our original, all-inclusive, 10-module commercial property courses was $10,000 +GST – and even at that price it was regarded as good value for money…

“I see it as an investment. And the price is quite competitive compared to some other companies out there,” said James Radics in 2015.

Course fee

The financially rewarding nature of commercial property investment… and the risks when not done correctly… makes investing in this highly informative commercial property course an easy decision at only $3,770 +GST.

“There are property mentorship programmes that you pay a lot more for so we were comfortable with the price. A lot of people would think it was a huge amount of money whereas for us the property we bought for $1.5 million is now worth about $2.1 to $2.2 million in a year. We made a lot of money from it. And we wouldn’t have bought that property had we not done the program. What we paid pales in comparison to what we made,” says Elizabeth Moore.

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