Investment Property Services

We are commercial investment property experts. We help experienced investors improve portfolio performance, and commercial investment beginners get started.

On this page we detail the work we do with commercial property investors to…

    • Begin your commercial investment property journey, or
    • Improve your existing commercial investment property portfolio by:
      • Improving rentals
      • Updating or re-organising leases
      • Acquiring or disposing of properties

Commercial Property Masterclass

Advanced training course to teach you about commercial property. Group training of 10 people max.

    • Module 1: Understanding commercial leases, lease clauses, terms, etc.
    • Module 2: Valuation, finance, tax, compliance, operating expenses.
    • Module 3: Case studies, due diligence process, tricks of the trade.


Investment Plan Implementation

(Actually investing in commercial property)

How to implement your plan and apply what you learned during the Commercial Property Masterclass.

1. DIY (do it yourself)

For supremely confident and knowledgeable investors.

You don’t think you’ll make any mistakes and want to go it alone… find commercial properties, do due diligence, negotiate the acquisition, find and evaluate tenants, and negotiate leases.

Best of luck!

2. DWY (done with you)

For investors wanting peace of mind and continuing education.

You do the field work and find the properties. We review each deal, do desktop due diligence, provide advice and support, and help protect you from mistakes.

3. DFY (done for you)

For time-starved investors for whom it makes more sense to delegate the work.

In consultation with you, we find the property, do due diligence, negotiate the sale & purchase, help arrange finance, manage tenant finding, and negotiate leases.

4. Provincia Property Fund

Provincia is a private investment fund giving our clients an alternative to direct ownership whilst maintaining most of the benefits of direct ownership.

Investing through a diversified value-add fund gives private investors access to attractive borrowing terms, professional management, superior returns and a spread of risk over a greater number of properties.


Property Management

We are one of the few firms to specialise in managing commercial properties, from large multi-million dollar commercial property portfolios right through to small, single buildings.

Our service includes negotiation and management of leases, tenant liaison and communication, tenant retention strategies, property maintenance, financial management and reporting.

You have better things to do with your time and commercial property management fees are typically paid by tenants as part of their outgoings. Why would you do it yourself when the tenant can pay?


Portfolio Review & Tune-up

Our portfolio review and tune-up service is for investors with an underperforming portfolio of residential and/or commercial properties. We provide advice and structure to troubleshoot, identify alternatives and map a path to a better future.

Property Consulting

Our consulting services are for investors needing to troubleshoot difficult situations, identify options for property-related projects, or generally benefit from the significant property experience and lateral thinking we bring to the table.

In a nutshell…

We (a) teach new investors how to invest in commercial property, and (b) work with existing investors who want to improve rents, update or reorganise leases, and generally improve their commercial property investment portfolios.