Commercial Property Management & Commercial Property Specialists

Full commercial property management service. We are commercial property investors and one of the few firms to specialise in managing commercial properties.

We offer a full commercial property management service and will tailor a solution to meet your needs. We currently manage anything from large multi-million dollar commercial property portfolios right through to single buildings. We have a commercial property management solution to enhance your success. Here are just some of the areas we cover…

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Property Management

Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management

Our clients have typically managed their commercial properties themselves but have better things to do with their time. Especially considering management fees are typically paid by the tenant as part of their outgoings. Why would you do it yourself when the tenant can pay?

Lease Negotiation

Negotiation and Management of Leases

If you have new tenants, or your existing tenants’ lease is up for renewal, or you need help managing your portfolio, we’ll take the stress and inconvenience out of your property portfolio.

Tenant Liaison

Tenant Liaison and Communication

As investment property owners themselves, the Newland Burling team understands that good tenant relations and communication are essential to a long-term, profitable business relationship.



Pricing, contracting, scheduling and managing building maintenance is a big part of every investment property portfolio. Newland Burling & Co has an extensive list of reputable, professional independent contractors that can have any maintenance issues resolved quickly with minimum interruption to your tenants, and at the right price.

Financial Reporting

Financial Management and Reporting

Want to know what you are worth… or what you could be. Talk to Newland Burling & Co. We can review your portfolio, analyse its value and make recommendations on what you can do to increase it.

Tenant Retention

Tenant Retention Strategies

With recent changes in the investment market, retention of your existing tenants is paramount. We will manage your property and more importantly build relationships with your tenants to retain them over the long term.

Lease Contracts

Lease Contracts and Structure

We have negotiated hundreds of lease contacts. We’ll ensure your contract is watertight and your investment is protected.

Commercial Investors

We mentor investors who are new to commercial property. We also work with commercial property investors who want to improve rentals, update or reorganise leases, or acquire or dispose of properties in order to improve their commercial property investment portfolios.