Our Purpose

Our core purpose is to help property investors be successful.
What really drives us is a love of property and a fascination for untangling people’s affairs; to take something that isn’t working properly and apply our minds to working out why, fixing it, establishing clear objectives and a sensible strategy to achieve them, and then executing the plan and seeing people succeed as a result.

Our Values

We value: Expertise
“We have no time for spruikers or flimflam like that,” says Olly. We respect expertise & experience – people who know what they’re talking about.

We value: Integrity
“We’ll never suggest you can be rich by Monday,” says Olly. We leave that to the spruikers and Ponzi schemers… we will never operate at that end of the spectrum. We operate with transparency and integrity.

We value: Practicality
“There’s a complicated way of doing things and a practical way,” says Olly. If we can simplify things to get better, faster results, we will. Why complicate things when you don’t need to?

We value: Forthrightness
“We don’t believe in hype or nonsense like that,” says Olly. We tell it like it is. We don’t bullshit people.

We value: Humour
“Property investing is a serious business and if you can’t find a touch of humour, it all gets a bit gloomy,” says Olly. We like to have fun and enjoy a good laugh. We can even be a little bit cheeky.

Our Founders

Olly Newland

Executive Director

Olly is regularly sought out as a commentator by television, radio and print media. Through his lectures, columns, books, articles, the hit TV show Property Climbers, and books, Olly has accurately foretold market changes and alerted the public to scams, traps and pitfalls, earning the gratitude and respect of generations of Kiwi homeowners and investors.

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Carl Burling

Managing Director

Carl is Olly’s longstanding business partner. He specialises in value-add opportunities and has managed hundreds of projects. Carl estimates he has personally bought and sold around 50 villas in the greater Grey Lynn area. After cutting his teeth on residential property investing, Carl moved on to commercial property investing and has amassed a wealth of practical experience in the challenges and opportunities it presents.

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A Team of Experts


Jack Revill

General Manager
Property Consultant


Brandon Wilcox

(BCom, DipMgt)
Head of Marketing
Property Consultant


Krish Krishna

Finance & Banking Specialist
Mortgage Broker